A baby is a whole new world of joy, happiness, and just about everything else. A baby turns your world upside down and just about everything changes. Along with all these wonderful changes come the unavoidable expenses. Before you know it, your bills are few hundred feet long and you savings in the bank is just dwindling away.

When you decide to buy baby furniture, it is not necessary that you should buy them with the idea of discarding it within a few years. There are items that have other uses too, once the baby is done with them. A crib is one such furniture. Though it cannot be used by anyone else or for anything else when the baby is still sleeping in it, a convertible crib has many uses in the future.

What Are Convertible Cribs?

A convertible crib is one that can be converted into a bigger bed in the future, as your child grows up. It has parts that can be adjusted or removed, so that it can accommodate a toddler in the place of a baby.

The Graco convertible cribs are one such furniture, wherein the crib as such can be used with three different height settings. This facility allows you to use the crib to your convenience as the baby grows. The top most position would ideally be used when the baby is still too young and needs to be within quick reach. The lowest position will be used when the baby is big and old enough to attempt climbing out of the crib.

How Can It Be Converted?

When your baby is all grown up, the railing will not be needed anymore. Freedom of movement is required, so that the child can get in and out of bed without any help. For this stage, the side railing can be removed, on one side of the crib. The other side can be put against the wall, so that the child can have a personal sleeping space, without having to change to a new bed.

As the child grows, more space will be required. It is for this purpose that a bigger bed is required. When this time comes, you can remove the railing and use the crib as the headboard and buy only the bed frame, as it is not included.

Should You Buy This?

There are a number of advantages in investing in white convertible cribs like the one from Graco. Not only can it be used for a long time to come, but the color and the appearance of the crib itself is good enough to add some aesthetic touch to the room.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra than regular cribs, but want something to last for a long time, then this is what you should buy. Though the initial investment is on the higher side, you tend to save a lot in the future. If you don’t want to use it for your child, you can remove the side railing and use it as an extra seat in the living room or the kids’ room. They can use it for sitting and reading or playing.

Convertible cribs are definitely a worthy investment, provided you are ready to use it for different purposes as the kid grows up.