When you are expecting the most precious thing life could offer, time seems to crawl by. You can’t wait to see those tiny feet and hands, the perfectly rounded head full of hair, that cute smile which would steal your heart every single time! Alas what a long wait it is. While you are awaiting the arrival of your little person, there are a lot of preparations that has to be done, for you will have time for nothing once the baby arrives.

While you are deciding how to decorate the nursery and what color to paint the walls in, don’t forget about the crib. Yes, you don’t want to let the baby out of your sight even for a second but the baby needs a crib. A comfortable cozy place to sleep in.

Cribs come in a number of shapes and sizes. Square, rectangle and circle are the regular shapes, cribs come in. while the square and the rectangular cribs are the traditional designs, the circular cribs are gaining popularity due to the a number of reasons.

Why A Round Crib?

  • The many advantages of using a round crib for your baby are:
  • It is easier to carry around, when compared to the traditional square or rectangular cribs. This is because you can hold it better against your body.
  • The round crib offers a better grip as you can wrap your hands around it and hold it comfortably.
  • It occupies much lesser space than a rectangular crib and it can be placed anywhere in the room. You don’t necessarily need a corner for it to fit in seamlessly.
  • A round crib is a good aesthetic addition to any room. It becomes the center of attraction and that’s exactly where you want all the attention to go to, once a person enters the room.
  • When your baby starts moving, there will lesser sharp edges to bump against.

Why Not A Round Crib?

  • The single most disadvantage of this shape is the beds and the sheets. You will have to buy specially designed round crib bedding and sheets. Now, these are not very easy to come by and you will have very limited options to choose from.
  • Some rectangular cribs have one side higher than the other. When the child grows up into the climbing phase, the crib can be pushed against the wall with the higher side facing you. Now the child cannot climb out easily and is safe for a few more months, till they learn to climb out of that too. In case of a round crib, you cannot do that.
  • These cribs are generally smaller in size when compared to the traditional rectangular cribs. Hence you cannot use them for long if you are blessed with a tall baby.
  • These cribs cannot be converted into a child bed once the baby grows up.

A round crib has its share of advantages and disadvantages. It is something new, exciting and a break away from the traditional cribs. A chance to give your child something unique, right from the start.